IN the name of going against the grain that is YouTube and Myspace, comes the uncensored unfiltered and live This is the site for those Myspacers and Youtubers who always dreamed of seeing and showing more.

Popular Web sites like YouTube and MySpace have hired the equivalent of school hallway monitors to police what visitors to their sites can see and do by cracking down on piracy and depictions of nudity and violence.

So where do the young thrill-seekers go?Increasingly, to new Web sites like, which is building a business by going where others fear to tread: into the realm of unfiltered live broadcasts from Web cameras. The site combines elements of more popular sites, but with a twist. In addition to designing their own pages and uploading video clips, its users broadcast live video of themselves and conduct face-to-face video chats with other users, often from their bedrooms and all without monitoring by any of Stickam’s 35 employees.

Who let the pervs out? Anyway, we're shooting over to to set up our profile now.

Using Web Cams but Few Inhibitions, the Young Turn to Risky Social Sites [NYT]

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