Washington Post apparently felt like they didn't offer anything black people could relate to in their publication, so to correct this they launched a new online magazine called The Root and brought in a black dude from Harvard to serve as Editor. It's funny how newspapers and big media overall feel the need to create a whole new outlet to communicate to black audiences. Well note to you big media dumb dumbs: Save your money and broaden your coverage and minds. The Editor Henry Louis Gates Jr. invites you to come be a part of what he calls a "Ground Breaking New Enterprise, and enjoy the richness of the black experience and all it's fullness" Ground breaking enterprise? God we hate the cheesy-ness. What's ground breaking about a website geared towards black people? There are many out their, they are just known unknowns. According to Gates he sees The Root as a way of recreating the role of the black newspapers that once thrived in many major cities but have largely disappeared.

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