Cheddar Is on The Twitter Now

Jon Steinberg, the founder and CEO of business news streaming startup Cheddar is charging full speed ahead with spreading his company's content. Following the launch of a new ground level studio in the iconic Flatiron building, and securing a sweet $10 million cash injection, Mr. Steinberg has secured a deal with Twitter to broadcast Cheddar's opening bell markets coverage from 9am-10:30am and its closing bell coverage from 3pm - 4pm daily. This isn't just a big get for Cheddar. Its a big get for twitter as well which has been trying to ramp up content as it continues to redefine itself.
“Twitter is live,” said Jon Steinberg, CEO and founder of Cheddar, in a statement. “We are thrilled and proud to make it the exclusive free to access platform for our new hour of closing bell coverage. ‘Finance Twitter’ is giant, and we are excited to be its digital-first closing bell network.”

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