Your Media Morning: An Apple Bid For Time Warner? Print Ad Revenue Continues to Collapse For Newspapers, Rolling Stone Publisher Apologizes

PRINT ADVERTISING REVENUE CONTINUES TO COLLAPSE FOR NEWSPAPERS. With print advertising continuing to drop precipitously, you would be hard-pressed to find a newsroom devoid of uncertainty anywhere in the country. Companies like Gannett have recently announced layoffs, and its stock price has plunged during a monthslong pursuit of the company that owns The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune. The New York Times recently went through buyouts and has acknowledged that its newsroom will get even smaller next year.

IS THIS TIME WARNER CEO JEFF BEWKES' SOON TO BE BOSS?  AT&T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson has said that Time Warner will remain a stand-alone unit inside the company, with Jeff Bewkes at the helm for some time yet. But what is not clear is whether Stephenson will slot Time Warner under AT&T Entertainment Group CEO John Stankey.

THE GANNETT TRONC DEAL MAY NOT BE DEAD JUST YET. While some would bury the Gannett–Tronc deal, alternatives have emerged, several confidential sources have affirmed, that could satisfy both Tronc and Gannett shareholders.While the final shape and completion of a new deal is still speculative, all parties here have a powerful motivation to still get a deal done.
AT THE MOMENT CNN BOSS JEFF ZUCKER SEES NO CHANGE HAPPENING FOR CNN'S ATLANTA OPERATIONS UNDER AT&T.  “I don’t anticipate it will have any impact on the Atlanta operations at all,” Zucker told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Friday. The CNN chief, who is based in New York, was in Atlanta for meetings with local employees, including two town hall meetings with staff.

FOR SOME, THE AT&T TAKEOVER OF TIME WARNER JUSTIFIES A RE-MERGER OF CBS AND VIACOM. With the looming gigantic AT&T-Time Warner acquisition deal, Les Moonves now faces an imperative urgency to put the two companies together again — as strongly advocated by Sumner Redstone, and his daughter Shari Redstone. They certainly has the right to propose what they think should be good for the company. After all, together they own 80% of both CBS and Viacom.

MAGAZINE PUBLISHERS LIKE TIME INC AND CONDE NAST SHIFTING THE WAY THEY WORK TO COMPETE ON EXPANDING DIGITAL STAGE.  "I think it is now taking on the level of urgency that you feel when you see the sea water beginning to seep under the door of your cabin," said Rob Gregory, who served as publisher of prestige brands like Rolling Stone and Men's Health magazines.

MIXED REVIEWS FROM PUBLISHERS ON GOOGLE AMP. Google unveiled AMP about a year ago and hundreds of companies are now publishing AMP versions of their articles, including the Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Hearst, The Guardian, the New York Times, Vox Media and many others. In recent months Google has begun including many more links to stripped-down AMP pages in its mobile search results.

ROLLING STONE PUBLISHER JANN WENNER APOLOGIZES TO UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA DEAN. “I’m very, very sorry. It was never meant to ever happen this way to you, And believe me, I’ve suffered as much as you have,” he said. “And I know what it’s like. I hope that this whole thing hadn’t happened but it is, and it’s what we live with.”

DEALBREAKER'S LONGTIME EXECUTIVE EDITOR BESS LEVIN IS LEAVING FOR VANITY FAIR'S 'THE HIVE'. There aren’t too many other jobs that could make me think about leaving DB,* but the opportunity to keep writing about Wall Street in my own semi-disturbed way at Vanity Fair’s The Hive turned out to be one of them. I’ll be starting over there on November 9 and hope you’ll come visit. I’m super excited about the opportunity while simultaneously sad about the thought of leaving a place I’ve been with since I was 21 years-old.

DEFAMATION SUIT AGAINST PEOPLE MAGAZINE OVER A 2015 ARTICLE ABOUT THE 1985 STABBING DEATH OF A LAWYER'S WIFE WILL BE HEARD IN FEDERAL COURT. Baton Rouge lawyer Joel Porter's suit was filed in December in the 19th Judicial District Court but removed in February by the defendants to U.S. District Court, and U.S. District Judge James Brady ruled Oct. 18 that is where it will stay. Porter sued Time Inc. and Time Books, which does business as People Magazine, and journalists Steve Helling and Anne Lang, claiming the story published in the magazine Jan. 5, 2015, falsely portrayed him as his wife's killer. He is seeking damages.

FAKE NEWS SITES ARE POPPING UP LIKE WEEDS. It's time for a new rule on the web: Double, no, triple check before you share. Especially if it seems too good to be true. Why? Look no further than Donald Trump's Twitter account. Trump claimed Sunday morning that "Twitter, Google and Facebook are burying the FBI criminal investigation of Clinton." Not only was there no proof of this, but it was pretty easy to disprove. The FBI email inquiry was at the top of Google News; FBI director James Comey's name was at the top of Facebook's "trending" box; and Twitter's "moments" section had a prominent story about the controversy.

BARBARA KRUGER WHO CREATED THE INFAMOUS ELIOT SPITZER NEW YORK MAGAZINE COVER, CREATES ANOTHER GEM. For the cover of New York’s Election Issue, we turned to the artist Barbara Kruger, who had created such a memorable cover for the magazine the week of Eliot Spitzer’s resignation. She came back with this image. Editor-in-chief Adam Moss says that he and the editors, “were drawn to it, in part, for the three ways in which it could be interpreted
MEREDITH CORP'S STOCK TAKES A NOSE DIVE. Meredith Corporation stock has moved in a downward direction over the past week, yielding losses for investors.  Based on the recent close, the shares have dropped -5.08% over the past five trading days.  Looking further out, the stock is 9.09% year to date.  With increased market volatility, stakeholders will likely be deciding whether or not now is a good time to cut losses or double down on the pullback.

IS THE MIDDLE EAST THE LAND OF NEW POSSIBILITIES FOR MEDIA COMPANIES AND PUBLISHERS? For publishers, brands and media companies seeking opportunities for international expansion, the Middle East offers some intriguing possibilities. The region is home to a large youth population, 65% of whom are under the age of 30. Meanwhile, Gulf nations such as Qatar, UAE and Kuwait enjoy some of the highest levels for smartphone penetration anywhere in the world.

WITH JUST SIX PRINT ISSUES SLATED FOR 2017, HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW LOOKS TO FILL THE GAPS ONLINE. As the subscription-based Harvard Business Review drops from 10 print issues a year to six in 2017, it’s looking for those new formats through six new online series, each of which will be a multi-day, multimedia package organized around a single concept. The metaphor of the print magazine is useful for understanding the editorial structure of these series, which HBR is calling “The Big Idea.”

FACEBOOK ALLOWS ADVERTISERS TO EXCLUDE USERS BASED ON RACE.  Facebook not only allows advertisers to target users by their interests or background, it also gives advertisers the ability to exclude specific groups it calls “Ethnic Affinities.” Ads that exclude people based on race, gender and other sensitive factors are prohibited by federal law in housing and employment.

NANCY GRACE IS LAUNCHING A "CRIME FIGHTING" WEBSITE. Nancy Grace this month ceded a cushy bully pulpit from which she played judge, jury and executioner for 12 years. Grace’s longtime fixation with “fighting crime” will soon take flight in a new “crimefighting website,” featuring forensics, missing children cases and unsolved homicides, that she plans to unveil after the Nov. 8 election.

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