GQ Style Editor in Chief Will Welch Want's to Know, What Should Print Be Now?

Will Welch, the editor of Conde Nast's GQ Style Magazine, has been in his current role for just under year. He moved into the role of Editor in Chief of GQ Style after the title was spun off with an increased frequency. Today the 35 year old Welch, a "digital native" is dreaming in print and doing things that be believes can only be done successfully in print.
I think when we are designing new print products or if someone young takes over a preexisting magazine, you have to toss out some of the institutional memory of the way a magazine is constructed. I tried to do that with GQ Style. This is oversimplifying a little bit but the traditional way a magazine is structured is there is newsy and small bits orientated beginning of the magazine called the front of the book. There is some different modular mid-length storytelling that is usually deemed the middle of the book. Which are all single pages that have ads next to them. Then you fit the feature-well, at which point the vast majority of the spreads are all editorial. There are no longer ads breaking up the editorial and that’s when you save your big visual moments and your long-form pieces. So, that is the way a magazine, again oversimplifying a little bit, but traditionally been structured.

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