As Predicted Conde Nast Shifts Self Magazine From Print to Digital

Conde Nast continues its makeover to adapt to the ever changing digital media landscape. Like Time Inc, the company is making the changes publication by publication. Conde Nast's latest changes are happening with Self magazine. The magazine will publish its last regular scheduled print edition with the February 2017 issue. Going forward Self will only produce special print editions focused on health and wellness. This decision effectively moves Self to an all digital brand, with sporadic special print editions. It was just a year ago that we pointed to signs that Self in print was about to be a thing of the past, and today, that prediction is now reality. In Making this shift, the company also announced that Carolyn Kylstra will be Self's new Editor in Chief. She was previously Self's executive digital editor.

Anna Wintour, Conde Nast's Artistic Director said:
Audiences are more discerning than ever about how they live, and in Self, we have a popular and established brand that speaks directly to the burgeoning health and wellness movement. Carolyn has played a pivotal role in refining and focusing Self and understands how to create content that excites and inspires our audiences.


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