Time Inc May Never Get to Celebrate its 100th Anniversary

Time Inc CEO Rich Battista is in a tough spot right now. He just took over as CEO three months. He just made one of his last tweaks to upper management when Joe Ripp's hand picked CFO Jeff Bairstow stepped down, and Sue D'Emic was installed. Mr. Battista was given the opportunity to transform the almost 100 year old magazine publisher into a digital powerhouse to compete with digital natives like Buzzfeed, Vox, Vice Media and others. But, he may never get to execute his vision because by this time next year, 'Time Inc' could be no more. In fact, many believe if and when the company is sold to a private investor, the new owner(s) will turn around and sell off Time Inc's brand's piece by piece, breaking up the company and ending its historic run, which means Time Inc will never reach 100 years old. Bloomberg Markets' Gerry Smith, takes a look at the tough choices ahead for America's biggest magazine publisher.
Should the company’s board agree to a sale as its print advertising lifeblood continues to drain away? Or should it let new Chief Executive Officer Rich Battista implement his grand vision of transforming Time Inc. from a fading print empire into a digital powerhouse? 

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