Hearst Heiress Continues Her War on Cosmopolitan Magazine

Apparently Cosmo is still seen as pornography magazine by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation and so the group moved to have the publication removed from 72 supermarkets in Indiana and Ohio. This effort is being lead by company founder William Randolph Hearst's granddaughter Victoria Hearst, a born again Christian. Back in 2015 Ms. Hearst also lead the charge to have Walmart, Rite Aid and Delhaize America conceal the covers of an issue that year that it deemed too racy. She also famously said ten years ago that Hearst belonged to the God of Israel. Ms. Hearst is actively at war with her family's company.

Said Dawn Hawkins, executive director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation:
“While it may not have many nude pictures, this publication has steadily declined from a somewhat inspirational women’s magazine to a verbally pornographic ‘how-to’ sex guide. It routinely encourages and instructs its young readership to engage in group, risky, and violent sex, and to actively seek out pornography. No child, or adult for that matter, should be forced to view this material while shopping for groceries. It’s time for other supermarkets to adopt Marsh’s Cosmo-free checkout.”
This is all good and dandy, but I think we need to remind Ms. Dawkins of many other locations where kids are exposed to far more than a Cosmo magazine cover displays. Kids sometimes see far more in TV commercials, on the web, social media and oh yeah, THE BEACH!


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