Wired's Staff Sends Off Editor In Chief Scott Dadich The Only Way They Could

Friday was Scott Dadich's last day as Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine. His exit ends not only his run editing the iconic magazine but also his decade long career at Conde Nast. During his time at the media giant he served as creative director for Wired, then vice president of editorial platforms and design and then editor in chief of Wired. To mark the end of his long successful run, the Wired team roasted him with a mock cover featuring him of course.

If you're fortunate enough to serve out your time as a WIRED One, as I now have—twice—your friends and colleagues roast you with a mock cover on the occasion of your departure. Yesterday, on my final day as editor in chief, my team presented me with one of the greatest gifts I ever could have imagined—my second such cover, brilliantly incorporating a new rendition of my 2010 farewell. My first column as editor in chief of @WIRED ran in issue 21.03, exactly four years ago. I didn’t train as a writer, but I’ve found real creative pleasure in these issue posts—though the actual words never come as easily as I (or my editor!) wish they might. This is the hardest one yet, because it’s my last. I have never not marveled at the sheer journalistic talent and raw human genius assembled at WIRED, which, 25 years after its founding, is a Silicon Valley institution—older than most of the companies and many of the people the magazine covers. I started at WIRED as creative director in 2006, left to run digital strategy for our parent company, Condé Nast, in 2010, and came back 24 months later as editor in chief. But the truth is, I fell in love with WIRED early on, from afar. When you’re a sci-fi nerd with design and engineering aspirations, it’s hard not to be swept up in talk of planetary-scale computing and autonomous flying robots. I always hoped to leave WIRED better and stronger than it was when I arrived. I think I have, even though the subjects we cover, and journalism itself, are experiencing radical economic and philosophical trauma. WIRED will continue to fulfill its mission, and I hope you’ll make the new editor, @nxthompson, as welcome as you’ve made me as he continues this critical work. I couldn't be more excited to launch my new company next week, but I will miss all of my phenomenal WIRED colleagues dearly. It may indeed be true that the future is already here, but even if it’s unevenly distributed, there’s a disproportionate amount of the stuff in that office. I’m taking a little of it with me; the rest stays with you. #thankyou #punkandswiss #whatsnext #wrongtheory ( 📷 @joepug | 🎨 @abstractsunday )
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