UPDATE: Jonathan Cheban Halts Celeb Gossip Site The Dishh, Teams Up With Galvanized Brands to Launch This Spring

Back in 2014 former PR maven Jonathan Cheban kept plugging his new website theDishh. The site was supposed to be based on his love for food and his various travels around the globe in pursuit of the best food. But then, the site's focus shifted to celebrity news and gossip because you know we needed more of that. TheDishh launched and it had all the makeup of a typical celebrity news destination. However being that Mr. Cheban is the best friend of reality show star Kim Kardashian, the site was criticized for being too Kardashian heavy. One person on social media even suggested that the site should just change its name to 'Kardashian Dishh".  The site went on to cut its way into the overcrowded celeb news arena only to come to a halt late last year it seems. There's been no new content posted to the site in over a month, and the last twitter post from the site happened back in August of last year. The Facebook page is active but its only sharing links from other websites.

Now Mr. Cheban seems to be going back to his original plan of a food focused website with the soon to be launched The site will be based on Cheban who is a known foodie across social media. Visit his instagram page and all you see are images of food. He's been called the "FoodGod" hence the name of the new site which dubs itself as "the world’s most delicious, decadent food site".  The new site may be in partnership with David Zinkzenko who currently publishes and Visitors to FoodGod's temporary page are given the option to sign up for newsletters from those two brands. We reached out to Cheban for a comment on the status of but got no response. We also reached out to a rep at David Zinczenko's Galvanized Brands but got did not get a response.

Update:  Jon Hammond, Chief Strategy Officer at Galvanized Brands has confirmed that Jonathan Cheban has partnered with them to launch his new food site this spring saying:
We are working on a number of new brands and launches at Galvanized Media and and are happy to count Jonathan as one of our our most valued partners and collaborators.


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