As Snapchat Loses Ground to Instagram, Conde Nast is Finally Ready to go All In

As Snapchat continues to lose ground to the bigger and more popular Instagram, Conde Nast is now ready to go all in on the app in an effort to reach younger audiences. But is the media company late to the party AGAIN? The company is currently building a team to focus specifically on creating snapchat content, something other companies have been doing for some time now. Hearst for example has had a dedicated Snapchat team for almost two years now. In fact the company has a Snapchat only publication called Sweet. Sure there have been some recent changes in and around Sweet but the point is Hearst has been all in on Snapchat for a while now. However we should mention that Conde previously produced Snapchat editions for Vanity Fair, Self and W. But the keyword here is “Previously”. The company recently admitted that it was slow to move towards digital and is playing catchup. Is the new all in move to Snapchat Discover another late arrival especially at a time when the app is losing ground to copycats like Instagram? Conde Nast’s GM of Digital Matt Starker said the company liked what it saw on Snapchat with its content and this is what is fueling the renewed push of a new all in strategy
The way that we are looking at results are: Does it have a big audience, is the audience engaging with our content for a long period of time? The answers were yes and yes.” This “Breakthrough” prompted him to say that the company is now ready to invest in the platform, something its rivals have been doing for some time now.
The renewed Snapchat effort will kick off with Wired, GQ and Self which will start publishing weekly editions to Snapchat Discover. To ensure the content keeps flowing, the company is hiring a bunch of people including designers, visual editors and motion-graphics specialists to work closely with editorial teams of those publications.


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