Time Inc Sale Talks is Still Just That, Talks


It looks like there is finally some movement towards the end (not really) of what seems like the longest sale process ever as Iowa based Meredith Corp moves into late stage talks with Time Inc about a possible takeover. But again, apparently the talks aren't exclusive as others still remain in the mix. One company is even still waiting on the sidelines to possibly make a last minute offer depending on how talks turn out with other bidders. So in a nutshell, this story hasn't really changed. Until Time Inc enters exclusive talks with a possible suitor to either sell or take in an investment, we all just keep repeating the same thing from the last update. The money is still on Meredith Corp which is believed to be holding firm with a rumored offer of a little over $20 a share which puts a value of about $2 billion on Time Inc. This seems to be the only offer that is known and the story seems to keep coming back around  to Meredith which again like we said a couple weeks ago, seems to be the only real bidder in this slothy process. Unless another bidder is offering above the roughly $21 a share Meredith is offering, no one is sure why the bidding is still wide open. The company's stock price has been lingering between $18 and $19.


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