Is Verizon The Mystery Company Participating in The Time Inc Bidding Process?

Verizon has been on what seems like an acquisition spree of late. The company gobbled  up AOL and is almost done gobbling up Yahoo and may very well be one of the participating companies trying to gobble up Time Inc. If Verizon is in fact the mystery publicly traded company we keep hearing about and they happen to come out the victor, it would mark a reunion between AOL and Time Inc which were siblings under the disastrous AOL-Time Warner merger. Verizon eyeing Time Inc would make sense. Verizon has been in the content business since its acquisition of  AOL which also landed them Huffington Post. Having Time Inc would only allow the company to fuel its content ambitions by leaning on top publications like Time, Sports Illustrated, People, Instyle, Travel & Leisure among many others. They would no doubt distribute this content across its now vast digital media networks. Verizon has big media ambitions and is spending big to achieve that. Just this week Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam shocked an audience when he said he was open to merger discussions with CBS, Disney and Comcast. All this comes at a time when Verizon is under pressure to diversify beyond the wireless business. The company also recently posted its first ever quarterly net loss of wireless subscribers. Surely Verizon could end this slow Time Inc bidding process immediately if they wanted by making an offer Time Inc's board won't refuse. But having the deepest pockets in the room, doesn't necessarily mean you're willing to overpay for something. Unless you really truly want it of course. Just ask Rupert Murdoch.


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