Billboard Bands? Perhaps the most questionable ad vehicle in our opinion


"Premier Entertainment Marketer sees Benefit in Wristbands as a New Non-Traditional Media Platform"

OK but what if no one sees it due to the likely fact that it is hidden under your long sleeve shirt? How many times have you walked up to a stranger and say "Can I see your wristband?" Hell sometimes you even forget that you're wearing one of those Lance Armstrong cancer bands. Well according to a press release which hit our inbox earlier today, major cable networks like HBO are jumping on this new 'Non-Traditional Media Platform" to market the new season of “Entourage”. Ok so you place a bunch of these wrist bands at a party promoting “Entourage”. After they go on, that’s it. Are the bands a reminder for the individuals wearing them? Now that we're finished hating, the full press release is after the click.


Billboard Bands Strikes Ad Deal with HBO’s “Entourage”

Premier Entertainment Marketer sees Benefit in Wristbands as a New Non-Traditional Media Platform

( South Norwalk-- April 11, 2007) Where do entertainment marketers go when they want to reach the jet-setting crowd? Clubbing. In a campaign designed to reach trendsetting urban professionals, HBO has chosen Billboard Bands as a key media vehicle to reach their youthful targets, in a campaign for the new season of its signature series, “Entourage.” Billboard Bands is the exclusive provider of over one million branded wristbands per month to a network of over 170 trendy hot spots in the top DMA’s.

“As an advertising platform our wristbands provide a unique and unexpected opportunity to target young, upwardly mobile adults 21 – 34,” states Fred Epstien, Billboard Bands co-founder and chairman. “Our exclusive network of nightclubs is the first to offer marketers the opportunity to use wristbands as a platform for creative advertising and promotion on a national scale, and at many of America ’s hottest and most talked-about nightspots.”

HBO recently employed the Billboard Bands wristbands to promote the upcoming 4th season of their smash hit “Entourage.” Branded wristbands featuring the premier of “Entourage” were distributed at the top clubs throughout Los Angeles , the setting for the series. “We were looking for a fresh marketing vehicle to pinpoint the target 21-34 viewer in their key markets, states Chris Spadiccini of HBO Marketing. “The Billboard Bands club network provided us with just the approach we were looking for, in an environment that perfectly compliments the show’s spirit, good time theme and characters.” The smash series draws on the experiences of Hollywood industry insiders to illustrate both the heady excesses of today's celebrity lifestyle, as well as the difficulty of finding love and success in the fast track of show biz.

HBO joins a growing roster of advertisers who have selected Billboard Bands including, Sirius Radio, GFH Boards and The Global Fund, an international public/private partnership dedicated to the prevention and treatment of malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. “Whether an advertiser is interested in a national program in the top 20 markets, or a more targeted approach, we tailor our programs to meet the individual objective of each campaign.” says Epstien. “Billboard Bands provides flexibility and scale in addition to promotional overlays customized by market and by advertiser.”

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