Vogue.com the companion website of the print fashion bible Vogue (duh!) is going under the knife in what is being called an expansion that will go live in time for Fashion Week in September. Editor in Chief Anna Wintour has been moving over some print staff to the web side and has hired new bodies as well. This is an effort create a web only staff of about 20 heads.

Staffers who have already made the transition from print to online include beauty writer Catherine Piercy, who became beauty director of the Web site earlier this year. Fashion writer Chioma Nnadi also moved to vogue.com to cover fashion features, and Alessandra Codinha was hired in March to write for the site. Earlier this year, Edward Barsamian left T: The New York Times Style Magazine and recently joined Vogue as a contributing style editor, working on both the Web site and the magazine. Emily Holt, the magazine’s fashion news editor, also frequently contributes to the site. 

It was only a matter of time before someone came along and stole Richard Turley from BusinessWeek. Turley is the 35 yr old creative director behind the entertaining covers that helped to make BusinessWeek kinda cool. Mr. Turley is departing the magazine to go work with animators, video artists, journalists, designers, musicians and artists to create content and culture for a much cooler audience at MTV.  In a long sort of goodbye letter, Mr. Turley also thanked Bloomberg for taking a risk in hiring him with his limited experience and little or no knowledge of business magazines.

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New York Times jumps on the explainy website bandwagon targeting "Millennials" with the launch of The Upshot. This continues the latest trend of websites attempting to explain the news! Here is how David Leonhardt pitches it:

We have two main reasons. One, we believe many people don’t understand the news as well as they would like. They want to grasp big, complicated stories — Obamacare, inequality, political campaigns, the real-estate and stock markets — so well that they can explain the whys and hows of those stories to their friends, relatives and colleagues.We believe we can help readers get to that level of understanding by writing in a direct, plain-spoken way, the same voice we might use when writing an email to a friend. We’ll be conversational without being dumbed down. We will build on the excellent journalism The New York Times is already producing, by helping readers make connections among different stories and understand how those stories fit together. We will not hesitate to make analytical judgments about why something has happened and what is likely to happen in the future. We’ll tell you how we came to those judgments — and invite you to come to your own conclusions.

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Time Inc is getting its house in order in time to hit Wall Street as a public company. The magazine publisher is said to be close to filling all board seats, something Time Inc CEO Joe Ripp and his soon to be former boss TimeWarner CEO Jeff Bewkes has been working on together. Apparently the men have roped in some heavy hitters who will make up the board of directors which Time Inc CEO Joe Ripp will Chair. In addition to former Sony Corp CEO Howard Stringer some well "seasoned" former TV execs will also be joining the board. The full list of board members will be made public this week, but for now, meet some of the early cast members of the show. We are still  keeping our fingers crossed that at least one or two of the board members will be below the age of 60, is digitally savvy and doesn't wear a suit.

UPDATE: Time Inc rounds out its board

Joe Ripp | Chairman/CEO Time Inc | Age- 63
Howard Stringer | former CEO Sony Corp | Age- 72
Kay Koplovitz | Founder USA Networks | 69
Dennis FitzSimons | Former CEO Tribune | Age 62
John Fahey | Chairman of the National Geographic Society | Age-62
Manuel A. Fernandez | Former Executive Chairman | Age-68
David A. Bell | Chairman and CEO, Slipstream Communications | Age-69
Betsy D. Holden | Former co-CEO, Kraft Foods, Inc | Age-59
J. Randall MacDonald | CEO, Managing Partner, Windham Mountain Partners | Age-64Ronald S. Rolfe, Former Partner | Litigation, Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP | Age-68

We wouldn't be shocked if Reuters writer Felix Salmon who covers finance and media ends up where every journalist seems to be ending up these days, at Pierre Omidyar's First Look Media. Mr. Salmon, in a memo to colleagues said he was leaving the news giant to do exciting things on the web but gave no other info as to what those exciting things are. OK so anyone can guess that he is joining an online news site or launching one. Whatever it is, he will be on the web somewhere.

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It could be seen as another jab at his old boss, but Artnet News which is run by Ben Genocchio who once served as head of editorial for Louise Blouin Media, named the top 25 female power players in the art world and Louise Blouin's name was not included on the list. Was this an oversight or did Blouin who owns popular art world publications like Art+Auction, Modern Painters and Artinfo.com fail to meet the Genocchio standard? She may be notorious for allegedly not paying her employees and bills, but Blouin is clearly a player in the art world....right? Perhaps Mr. Genocchio didn't feel she was worthy of being on the list because she is just a powerless millionaire female who owns art publications and websites. Hey, he did say he was going to war, and maybe this is another petty shot. But its fair to mention that Mr. Genocchio once praised the publications when he was hired to lead their editorial charge stating at the time that:

“Art+Auction and Modern Painters are two of the art world’s most respected media brands, and it is a great honor to be entrusted with their future editorial direction. I will strive to maintain the high standards for which they are known. I am also excited about the growth potential for our sister website ARTINFO.com, one of the world’s most trafficked art media sites.”

Diane Smith who once edited Sport Illustrated's swimsuit issues is back in the swimsuit content business via a new lifestyle blog called...."DIANE SMITH SWIM A LA MODE"  . Yeah she went the complicated route when it came to the domain name for her new blog even though the domains DIANESMITHSWIM.com, Swim-Ala-Mode.com and SWIMALAMODE.net were available and are much more simple to remember. Anyway, Ms. Smith's new blog is all about guiding women on how to look hot at the beach and what beach to look hot at. The blog gives the ins and outs of staying chic, stylish and modern at the shore, pool . . . or anywhere women get wet! (it actually says this on the bio page) The best products for the beach or aprés bain – along with the most fabulous spots to vacation.

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Popular fashion, celebrity photographer terry Richardson whose very appearance creeps some women out, is again being accused of sexual misbehavior this time by model Emma Appleton who posted a message on twitter that the photog allegedly sent to her promising her a feature in the magazine only if he could have his way with her . These new allegations have prompted Vogue to cut ties with the photog whose work last appeared in an issue in July 2010. Sounds to us like they kinda cut ties a long time ago, like almost 4 year ago. No word on if this ban includes Vogue's international editions.

Some magazine publishers continuing to scramble for that next ad revenue source, will be present at The NewFronts, digital media’s answer to the TV Upfronts. Publishers are looking to talk advertisers into participating in their new video offerings.

Companies including Time Inc., Condé Nast and the National Geographic Society are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with online video stalwarts like Hulu, Yahoo and Maker Studios in the hopes of attracting ad dollars to their upcoming video programming.  This year, U.S. media ad spending is expected to hit $177 billion, $47.6 billion of which is going to digital, according to eMarketer. And digital publishers, as you might expect, want a piece of the action. Time, a newcomer to the NewFronts, plans to pitch advertisers on a collection of existing and upcoming video series of varying length, format and subject matter. Existing programming, like Sports Illustrated’s daily sports show SI Now and People’s Chatter video, mimics the feel of TV and are ripe for brand advertising. Time Inc. also plans to offer new video content, including long-form documentaries, episodic series and video coverage around red carpet events, conferences and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

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The legal battle seems to be heating up between Texas Monthly owner Emmis Communications and The New York Times Co. over the poaching by the New York Times of Texas Monthly's Editor in Chief Jake Silverstein. There seems to really be some hurt feelings at Emmis which is why a lawsuit was filed last week. But we have to ask, why is the New York Times going all out for Mr. Silverstein? With all the talent already here in New York City, why go to cowboy country? What is so special about this guy? Is he worth the reported $1 million buyout price Emmis Communications wants to let him walk?  Here are 12 things we know about Mr. Silverstein in no specific order. Perhaps there is something in his background that is fueling the demand for his services at the New York Times. The first thing we noticed after digging around on the web is that this dude is kinda boring.

  1. In 2010 he split a national magazine award 3 ways for Feature Writing for “Still Life,” the story of John McClamrock.
  2. He isn't on instagram, at least not under his real name. We couldn't find him but he is present within the Texas Monthly feed!
  3. He loves suit and ties which proves he really hasn't absorbed the Texas way or he's a stuffy or both?
  4. He has over 7k followers on twitter
  5. He is a Californian turned Texan
  6. If he wasn't an editor he would be writing books (how fun)
  7. He would drop his job at the New York Times to go eat BBQ in Texas and watch Willie Nelson in concert. How old is this guy?
  8. He really loves BBQ, and Texas and eating out in Austin with his wife because its rare
  9. He may be a bit over educated, who needs all those degrees?
  10. He wrote the book “Nothing Happened and Then It Did” What?
  11. In the late nineties, he worked as a reporter for the Big Bend Sentinel, a weekly newspaper
  12. He joined the staff of Texas Monthly as a senior editor in 2006 and landed the EIC job within 2 years. Yeah someone loves him, or his face, or both.

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