Buzzfeed's Big Corporate-ish Video Divide

As user preferences on how they consume content continues to shift so will the media companies that produce it. At Buzzfeed that shift is happening as the company moves full speed ahead with a big emphasis on video. Two weeks ago the company announced that it was splitting into two divisions, news and entertainment which will be completely independent of each other. The breakup sounds similar to moves made by old media staples like Viacom and News Corp, but you know, Buzzfeed is all digital so....
Under the new structure, Editor in Chief Ben Smith, who is based in New York, will lead BuzzFeed News, and Ze Frank, who is based in Los Angeles, will oversee a new division called BuzzFeed Entertainment Group. It no longer made sense, Mr. Peretti said in a memo to employees, for BuzzFeed to have “a single ‘video department.’”
Instead, Mr. Smith’s department will have its own news video team, and Mr. Frank’s division will oversee non-news video, like Tasty food videos, as well as the lists and quizzes that are BuzzFeed’s bread and butter.

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