Axios Is the Name of Politico Founder Jim Vandehei's New Media Start Up

Jim Vandehei who co-founded Politico, is starting over again with his new media venture called Axios. If you're wondering, the name means "worthy" in greek. Vandehei has made some big hires since announcing he's launching a new venture but no one knew the name until now thanks to this feature on Vanity Fair's Hive. Axios promises to deliver vital trustworthy news and analysis in media, tech, business and politics worthy of people's time attention and trust. In a time where fake news articles are dominating social media streams it's important to try and separate your new venture from all that noise. Jim Vandehei is promising that his new media organization won't be like anything else out there saying:
“If we look anything like everyone else a year from now, we are screwed. That is why we plan innovative twists on content, platform, audience and monetization.”

But isn't what they all say in a nutshell. Josh Topolsky is also playing up his forthcoming website 'TheOutline' as something new and different, which it is. But in the end, they are all doing the same thing, just with a different look and name and duh! writers. Former Gawker editor AJ Daulerio famously said of his now defunct local news site during its launch that the site will be different than other local news sites like AOL's Patch because "it won't fucking suck". As it turns out, Daulerio's vision for Ratter didn't quite pan out and the site underwent a major overhaul before fading away.



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