From Observer to Star Magazine?

Jared Kushner's Observer shut down its print newspaper a few weeks ago leaving its subscribers without their Observer fix. But the folks at Observer Media came up with a great idea to fill that gap in the form of Star Magazine. According to the NY Post, subscribers of Observer are now being given the choice to get a refund or move their subscription to celebrity weekly Star Magazine. Apparently an arrangement couldn't be worked out to offer them a subscription to The New Yorker,  New York Magazine or any other publications along the lines of the Observer. Apparently this decision was a personal one. Jared Kushner who is close with Star Magazine Publisher David Pecker, chose friendship over his subscribers by handing them off to American Media Inc. We are guessing the Observer is going to be cutting a lot of refund checks.
A letter sent last month warns print subscribers: “The New York Observer will be ceasing publishing with the [Nov. 9] issue. For the remaining service of your subscription you can select to receive one copy of Star Magazine for each paid copy of The New York Observer or a pro-rated cash refund.” The letter adds that if Observer subscribers do not reply by Dec. 16, “your remaining subscription will be filled by Star Magazine.”

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