Time Inc CEO Joe Ripp Is Bullish on Print Again

Ever since he took over as CEO of Time Inc, Joe Ripp and his lieutenants have been pushing the whole "we are not a magazine company, we're a media company for the 21st century" message. They were literally running from Time Inc's legacy as a publisher of some of the best magazines on the planet. Executives at the company sounded like broken records trying to convince anyone who would listen that they were not a magazine publisher. Fast forward a few months and now Mr. Ripp is bullish on print again following a recent report that found print yields the biggest returns on advertising spend. Sure print revenues continue to decline for the company but Mr. Ripp seems to have a newfound love for the platform his company was built on. During a recent interview at Cannes Mr. Ripp talked up the print business, video and yes Digital (the company launched Instant) because who are we kidding, if you're not talking digital, you're not talking at all.

watch the video HERE

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